18 Nugent Road

South Norwood

SE25 6UB                                                                              

Tel/Fax : 0208 239 7041

Emergency Mobile : 07931 735 361      

Email: [email protected]  

Ofsted registered SC404512



Company No 06423304


Grange Park Parenting Assessment Unit Ltd


I can't thank you enough for what you have done for me and my children. You truly are my guardian angel. When I never believed that things would change, they have changed so much for the better. Thank you again Grange Park for being there. Vanesha


Grange Park you really are a flexible service provider. I know that my family would not have done it without you. I thank you for your continued support of this family.

LB Southwark Social Worker


I'm very happy C had a good move to the foster carers. They say he has been doing really well already. I also spoke to your support worker Katherine and she said you were able to speak to Mum when she came to visit. I am really pleased you were able to talk with her and provide some good closure for the situation


Good luck with your future placement and thank you for all of your hard work. LB Greenwich social worker


Grange Park you really know the true meaning of working together. Thank you for your continued support of this family.


I was really anxious about going home to my flat. I cannot believe the amount of work that you guys done to transform my little flat into a beautiful home. I will always be truly grateful. Thanks a million Grange Park. Claire xx




Grange Park

Parenting Assessment Unit