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Grange Park Parenting Assessment Unit Ltd

Specialist Parent&Child Scheme

Research shows that there is a growing need for local authorities to become more creative with the different types of placements available to support vulnerable families. Infact foster carers are now widely recognised as being the most cost effective resource to meet the needs of a wide range of parents and their children.


Grange Park Parenting Assessment Unit have established a new bespoke specialist scheme whereby foster carers are trained to a very high standard in assessment, observations and report writing.


In addition to at least one carer having a minimum of NVQ L3 qualification, or be willing to work towards a qualification, the Specialist foster carer must be able to provide:


• Support, assistance and monitoring of routines

• Effective daily logs, records and write competent reports

• Advice and assistance around stimulation

• Advice and assistance around feeding

• Advice and assistance around hygiene

• Monitoring of parental responsiveness

• Monitoring parent’s capacity to take responsibility

• Monitoring of parent’s capacity/ willingness to work together

• Monitoring of parent’s capacity/ willingness to work in partnership with professionals

• Monitoring of parent’s capacity/ willingness to access local resources to meet their         children’s needs

• Support & assistance with Budgeting

• Support & assistance with health issues

• Support & assistance with relationship issues

• Independent living skills programme


Families come in all shapes and sizes and so they may be lone parents, teenage parents, two parents, all of whom may be facing a wide range of issues that prevent them from caring for their child/ren independently. Generally Parent and Child Foster care placements offer a home to a baby or young child/ren together with its parent/s for periods from around 12 weeks to a year.